When you are staying in Monkey Temple Home Stay you will be treated as a family member or relatives. Therefore, for the better understanding of the area and family members we always take our visitors to various local destinations. This would help our visitors to know about us as well as about the locality. The essence of staying in Home Stay is to gather information regarding the host people and society. In order to provide authentic home stay experience you will taken to various places alongside the members of family.

Major destinations around Monkey Temple Home Stay are:

White Gumba

This is Buddhists monastery located in about 45 minutes of walking from house. You can feel the tranquility as well as panoramic views of mountains and hills from the monastery. Observe the daily activities of monks in the monastery.

One Tree Hill

This spot is very famous among locals. During evening the cool breeze of air and perfect view of entire Kathmandu Valley really make your evening vibrant. Enjoy splendid vistas of Monkey Temple and surrounding landscape of Kathmandu. If you want then local beverages like Chhyang, Neegar and Raksi can be tasted along with some local delicacies.


Kalimati Vegetable & Grocery Market

Head out for shopping with the family members. Kalimati vegetable and grocery market is the biggest organized market for all vegetables, grocery and meat items. You can observe the hustling and bustling of customers and sellers. This place will definitely reminds you of classical market style of the world.

Swoyambhunath Temple Morning Walk or Evening -walking distance Walk 5 minutes

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE is very peaceful and serene to go for either morning walk or evening walk. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of entire valley and experience pristine feeling of being at the most harmonious religious place. You will be amazed that this place is equally worshipped by Buddhists and Hindus.

Kathmandu Durbar Square & Thamel -walking distance 25 minutes

From ancient palaces to holy temples of Bhairav, Shiva, Bhisnu and living goddess Kumari Kathmandu Durbar Square is probably the most iconic place to go. It is about 30 minutes of walking from home. You can enjoy ancient architecture in Durbar Square while relish western clamor at Thamel. Various eateries, bars and shops will definitely make you feel better while strolling around Thamel.