Mr. Lapsang Lama has more than 26 years of experience in the field of tourism. Therefore, when he decided to open Monkey Temple Home Stay his first priority were tourist  standards of rooms, facilities and authentic local environment for visitors to feel. He installed all these things without any hesitations with sole view to surpass expectations from Travelers  guests. Here is the list of the types of rooms available in Monkey Temple Home Stay.

Double room bed and breakfast  US$ 16per night

Single room bed and breakfast US$ 11  per night


This room has very basic amenities of tourist standard  room of any hotels or lodges found in Kathmandu below  star categories. From twin bed to king sized bed visitors can have ample space to move around. Television, table and wardrobe closet with attached bathroom is available in room. The view of Monkey Temple is also another highlight of Standard Room.The food however will be served in common dining hall of the host kitchen.

Studio Room US$ 16 per night double

studio room Us 11 per night single

Studio room per month for two person 285 us dollars

Studio room per month for one  person 250 Us dollars


The room is similar to apartment style housing.

Therefore, visitors can use the kitchen attached with the room and cook their own meal. You can also hire a person to cook for you. Bedroom, Kitchen, Drawing and Bathroom is perfect to make you feel at home.

All the linens used in room are highly cleaned and sanitized. The toiletries and other room supplies can be found to the fullest. The view of monkey temple -swayambhunath and clean hygienic well aired spacious rooms make accommodation facilities of Monkey Temple Home Stay best in town.

Volunteer room per night 4 dollars